We are very happy to introduce to you our true treasures....

Nofi, as one of the latest review mentioned so well is a true gem!! Nofi has been working

with us for over 10 years. She is our villa manager.

She will be there to welcome you, to get you aquanted with the villa and its surroundings

and from than on, she will be there to make sure you enjoy your stay at the villa! 

Nofi knows the area very well and can also help you get organised for day-trips or

other cultural outings. She can even help you find a babysitter if needed.

As many of our guests appreciate as well, is that she has this natural 'talent' for making

sure you feel at home, she won't be intruding your privacy.



Dayu, how lucky we are to have Dayu working with us as well! Dayu has been working with us for over 10

years as well. She is there to assist Nofi, but let me reveal  another secret... she is also a great cook! 

If you are looking for a real Indonesian Rijstaffel, Nasi Tumpeng or something else, please check with our

villa manager the possibilities of having Dayu cook for you.


Both ladies have been working together but most of all they are friends, and we are sure you will

just love the ladies!

Warm regards,